Kids Safety Corner

Firefighter handing a child a safety sticker
A firefighter giving a high five to a child at a school
Firefighter talking to a child at an event
Child spraying a fire house with a firefighter.
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Firefighter teaching a child about bike safety

Welcome to the Frederick-Firestone Fire District's Kids Safety Corner. This page is dedicated toward allowing for children to learn about fire prevention and fire safety in a fun way! With the help from National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and, we want to help teach kids about the science behind fire, safe ways of using fire, preventing fires from occurring, planning and preparing for emergencies, and learning about what it's like to be a firefighter!

Meet Sparky! 

Sparky is a fire safety dog who helps teach kids about fire safety. Check out what fun tools, games, activities and resources he has for everyone!

Sparky School

Sparky the fire safety dog

Sparky Activities for kids

National Fire Prevention Association

Dan Doofus Safety Video 

Fire Chief reading to a child

Join us for Story Time at the Firehouse

Come join us for Story Time at the Firehouse! We’ll tour the fire station and see where firefighters live when they’re at work and and then you’ll get to see the fire engines and ambulances!. Then we’ll have a snack while we read a fire safety story together. Finally, you’ll get to see a firefighter in all their special gear.

When: Every 4th Thursday of the month

    * August 24th - Station 1

    * September 28th - Station 2

    * October 26th - Station 4

    * November 30th - Station 3

Where: Locations vary

Time: 10:00 am

Age requirement: 3-5 year old children

Cost: FREE

*Pre-registration is required as space is limited

To register please contact Kristen Hayes at or at 720-526-6407


Station 1 – 31 Walnut Drive, Frederick

Station 2 – 3991 Rowe Street, Frederick

Station 3 – 6800 Tilbury Avenue, Firestone

Station 4 – 10706 WCR 7, Frederick