Social Media and Comments Disclaimer

The Frederick-Firestone Fire District (FFFD) operates and maintains the social media site to provide residents, businesses, Frederick Firestone FPDand visitors with information about FFFD services, incidents, events, and projects. This information is intended to offer quick, convenient, and easy access for those wishing to learn about FFFD. FFFD's SOCIAL MEDIA SITES ARE NOT CONTINUOUSLY MONITORED AND SHOULD NOT BE USED TO REPORT EMERGENCIES. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, PLEASE DIAL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.

FFFD strives for openness in its communications with the public and welcomes community feedback. FFFD encourages comments, discussions, and engagement among social media users regarding the topics on FFFD's social media sites. FFFD seeks to respond to comments and questions posted on its social media sites when appropriate and as it is able; however, FFFD may not respond to every comment or question posted. If you have a specific comment, questions, or request about public education please contact our Administration offices at 303-833-2742.

User content and comments (collectively called "user content") do not represent the views or position of FFFD, and FFFD does not assume any liability for user content posted on the site. Any user content and/or external links included on the site do not constitute FFFD's endorsement. 

User content is not screened prior to being posted, and FFFD will not edit any user content posted to this site. However, FFFD reserves the right to remove any user content that:

  • Is not limited to the topic or purpose of the site;
  • Constitutes "spam" posts, such as the same post made repeatedly by one or more users;
  • Promotes, encourages, or suggests illegal activities, or violates any federal, state, or local law;
  • Includes or links to profane, obscene, or pornographic language, images, or content;
  • Fosters, promotes, or perpetuates illegal harassment or discrimination;
  • Includes personal or abusive attacks or defamatory comments about any person or entity;
  • Includes threats of violence or that tends to compromise public safety;
  • Infringes on copyrighted or trademarked material;
  • Discloses the personally identifiable information of any person, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers;
  • Includes commercial advertisements or promotions for services or products; or
  • Is suspected of containing a virus or other computer security threat.

Additionally, it is possible that the original poster of user content may edit or delete their own content without involvement from FFFD. All user content is subject to the terms of service of the social media site on which they are posted. All user comments may be deemed public records and subject to public disclosure under the Colorado Public (Open) Records Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-101, et seq. FFFD reserves the right to modify this Disclaimer at any time. If you have questions or would like to report a comment or post a violation of this Disclaimer, please contact us by clicking here.