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Training Center located at 7500 WCR 20 at the Town of Firestone Public Works Property.

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The Training Section falls under the Life Safety Division and is led by the District’s Training Captain.  The Training Section is responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the District’s training and certification program.  The Training Captain is supported by the Shift Officers who deliver the majority of the training to their crew members.

The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District has a Training Center located at 7500 WCR 20 at the Town of Firestone Public Works Property.  The District received the training center through a grant, and it has been a very valuable addition to the District’s training program.  The center includes a burn/vent unit, forcible entry props, a search and rescue unit, confined space props, a TIC wall simulator, ground ladder props, and high angle rope rescue props.


Command Training Center (CTC)

The District also has a Training Facility located in the District’s Business and Education Center.  The Training Facility provides classroom space for classes, guest speakers, lectures, and other events.  Also located in the Training Facility, is the District’s Command Training Center (CTC) where the District’s Officers completed and maintain their Blue Card Hazard Zone Management System certification.     The Blue Card Hazard Zone Management System requires 50 hours of online instruction followed by 24 hours of fireground computer simulations.

All Frederick-Firestone personnel are certified to various levels of certification through the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.  These certifications include but are not limited to:  Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, Fire Officer III, Driver Operator Pumper, Driver Operator Aerial, Hazardous Materials Operations, Hazardous Materials Technician, Juvenile Fire Setter Specialist, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I, and Fire Inspector.

The Training Section coordinates monthly training packets, EMS training, quarterly drills, multi-company drills, and other specific programs.  These specific programs include but are not limited to:

Contact Information

Josh Venerable
Training Captain
Office: (303) 833.2742
Fax: (303) 833.3736


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