Santa Run 2016

The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District will host its twelfth annual Community Santa Run December 16-19, 2016.


The Santa Run has become a community tradition that residents and Fire District personnel have come to look forward to and enjoy. The Santa Run consists of four nights, where the Fire District personally leads Santa throughout residential neighborhoods in Frederick, Firestone and its surrounding areas. Kids and parents can meet Santa, see a fire engine, and greet firefighters without leaving the safety of their neighborhood.


For more information on the Santa Run follow the links below.

Santa Run Flyer with dates and neighborhoods, please click here.

Santa Run Route Maps by Date (Please click on the dates below to see the route maps for that particular day & time, all maps will go in the order of South Pole (A), meaning you live on the Southern part of the Carbon Valley, to the North Pole (B), the North side of the Carbon Valley:

* Friday,  December 16, starting at 4 p.m.
* Saturday,  December 17, starting at 2 p.m
* Sunday, December 18, starting at 2 p.m.
* Monday, December 19, starting at 3 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fire District will lead Santa through the North and South Pole route maps in the order that the maps are posted. Santa and the firefighters will begin at the above posted times, but cannot give out specific times on when they will be in a particular neighborhood, many factors can effect how quickly they get through neighborhoods such as weather conditions, icy roads and the amount of kids Santa may encounter.

For more information or for questions, please contact Community Outreach Specialist Summer Campos at 303-833-2747 or by email at