Personal Safety

In the Home

If you are looking for additional ways to keep yourself, family, and your property safe, our Department suggests the following:

At Work

If an emergency situation arises in the workplace, are you prepared to respond?  Here are some items that one should consider:

In the Car

If you are driving down the street and you see an ambulance, police car, or a fire truck with its lights and sirens on, please pull over to the right as far as you can and bring your vehicle to a complete stop.  By doing so, you will have saved valuable seconds.

Did you know that eight out of ten child safety seats are installed incorrectly!

If you would like one of our certified technicians to check the installation of your car seat, schedule an appointment by calling (303) 833-2742 (Hours M-F) 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM or feel free to stop by one of our stations to see if a technician is on duty.

PLEASE BUCKLE UP!!!   And always have a designated driver!

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Refer to the following Power Point file.  Please allow 10 seconds load time.

System Sensor Presentation CO

For more safety tips on specific issues, please call our administrative office at (303) 833-2742.

Home Fire Campaign 

Home Fire Escape Planning for Individuals with Disabilities, Access or Functional Needs. Click here to read through the Home Fire Campaign from the American Red Cross.