Fire Chief

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Our organization is comprised of highly motivated men and women who are proud of the communities and people we serve. Service is the anchor point of our core value system. Our motto of this dedication to our profession and the communities we serve is: “OFFICIUM, VENRATIO, PIETAS”, which is Latin for “DUTY, HONOR, COMPASSION”. We believe by providing our best service we achieve our mission.

 Our Mission Statement:

“To provide the highest level of life and property protection through; fire suppression, an integrated pre-hospital care system, technical rescue, fire prevention, and public education to all residents and visitors living in and traveling through our District. We are dedicated to always answer every emergency no matter time of day or location with the utmost professionalism and compassion. We stand ready to support and assist neighboring emergency services in accomplishing their missions through coordination and mutual aid response. In accomplishing our mission, we recognize our employees and volunteers are our most important asset.”

Thank you for visiting our website and we would love to hear any suggestions you have on how to improve our service in the future. Please feel free to visit any of our local fire stations. We would love to get to know you better. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date information.


Jeremy A. Young, EFO, CFO