Organizational Structure

Chain of Command


To establish the principles and rules governing day-to-day and emergency scene supervision and management.


This Standard Operating Guideline applies to all personnel within the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District.  All members shall refer to Section 7 of the Member Handbook for specific procedures for following the Chain of Command.


  1. Chain of Command – The organizational structure of the District, consisting of each succeeding higher rank and supervision of a member by his/her immediate supervisor.
  2. Unity of Command – The principle that each individual answers to only one supervisor.


  1. Each successive level of the chain of command must be followed, unless the matter involves those detailed in Section 2 of the Member Handbook.
  2. Supervisors shall abide by the principle of Unity of Command at all times.
  3. Members shall not take matters to a higher ranking officer unless the employee’s immediate supervisor has first been notified, and fails to adequately address the issue to the member’s satisfaction, unless the matter involves those detailed in Section 2 of the Member Handbook.
  4. Each member has the right to request their immediate supervisor be present during any counseling session.
  5. All issues with the potential of adversely affecting the member’s status or employment must be discussed with the member’s supervisor.
  6. All corrective and disciplinary matters shall follow Sections 8 and 9 of the Member Handbook. The immediate supervisor shall be notified of any pending corrective or disciplinary matter and whenever possible, the immediate supervisor shall be the person to carry out actions up to termination once such action is authorized.
  7. Nothing in this guideline will preclude the ceasing of activity that poses an immediate threat to an individual or the District.  In such case, the member’s supervisor is to be immediately notified after action is taken to stop the activity.

To view the Chain of Command structure for the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, please click here.