“Officium, Veneratio, Pietas”
“Duty, Honor, Compassion”


Committed to providing the highest level of life and property protection through; fire suppression, an integrated pre-hospital care system, technical rescue, fire prevention, and public education to all residents and visitors living in and traveling through our District. We are always dedicated to answer every emergency no matter time of day or location with the utmost professionalism and compassion. We stand ready to support and assist neighboring emergency services in accomplishing their missions through coordination and mutual aid response. In accomplishing our mission, we recognize our employees and volunteers are our most important asset.


The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District is challenged and trusted with keeping pace in the ever-changing world in which we live and work in order to provide essential, life-saving services and enhance the quality of life in our communities. We must never forget we stand on the shoulders of those who made the sacrifices and commitments to build our organization’s foundation, and we will honor them with our steadfast commitment to community. We must also adapt, maintain flexibility and work progressively in order to be a successful organization. We believe that the following statements provide us with a vision that enables our continued operation as an exceptional organization:

 * We will be responsive and proactive to the needs and priorities of our communities and the safety and support of our members;
 * We will strive to be a model of excellence in providing emergency medical services, fire prevention & protection, public education, and other related life saving services to our communities;
 * We will be an organization dedicated to continuous improvement, accountability, transparency and dependability in every detail of the services we provide;
 * We will foster an atmosphere and internal and external relationships based on trust, involvement, innovation, creativity and stewardship;
 * We will strive to be an organization rooted in its community and acknowledged for its commitment to Duty, Honor, and Compassion in the services we provide.


Our core value is anchored in Service. Our defining values include: Duty, Honor, Compassion, Integrity, Stewardship, and Professionalism.
 * Service: We believe ours is a business of service to people in both routine and emergency situations. We recognize we are often the last line of defense for those experiencing personal tragedy and we stand ready to intervene and mitigate emergencies to keep our community safe;
 * Duty: In order to achieve our values, we believe in our moral obligation to commit ourselves to always being prepared and ready to respond;
 Honor: In conducting ourselves, we believe in a code of personal integrity and we commit ourselves to building and upholding trust, dignity and respect;
 * Compassion: As the source of our values, we believe in empathy and kindness towards the misfortune and needs of those we serve and we commit ourselves to the desire to alleviate the harm they experience;
 * Integrity: In carrying out our duties, we believe in an adherence to moral and ethical principles and we commit ourselves to soundness of character;
 * Stewardship: As an organization supported by our citizens, we recognize that we are held in the public trust and we commit ourselves to careful and responsible management of that which is entrusted to our care;
 * Professionalism: In accomplishing our Motto, Mission, Vision, and Values, we believe in exhibiting courteous and conscientious conduct that reflects the best traditions of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services and we commit ourselves to personal and organizational development centered on industry standards.