The Frederick Fire Department was first organized around 1915 with Ike Richel acting as Fire Chief. The roll call had 8 active members. The first official hose cart and fire bell of 1915 is still on hand at Station 1.  In its day it had 100 feet of hose, one nozzle and an ax.  The cart was pulled by hand.

In 1976, the residents of a nine square mile area voted to form the Frederick Area Fire Protection District. The District was formed to provide services that could be supported with property taxes collected from the residents that lived within the boundaries of the District.

The District continued to operate as a full volunteer department until 1988 when the District Board hired its first full time employee. His primary responsibilities included maintaining the equipment, housekeeping, conducting fire prevention classes, conducting fire inspections on businesses, and record-keeping.  In 1998, the District expanded to three full time employees with each working a 24 / 7 shift on a rotating basis.  In 2000 the District expanded its full time employee base to six allowing for two firefighters on each 24-hour shift.

On February 2, 2001 the District Court approved the changing of the Fire District’s name to the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District.


Clipping from the Daily Times-Call Newspaper dates Tuesday, May 6, 2003, which shows an article titled “Firestone to negotiate unified emergency services.” This clipping supports the above narrative.




Smoke spills out of an upstairs window, while firefighters put water on it.



Two firefighters point a hose with water toward a building on fire.


A group of firefighters survey the damage of a building that had caught fire.



Firefighters fight a fire that has spread to multiple buildings downtown.



From a distance one can see a large plume of smoke that is billowing out of a group of buildings downtown.