10 Things You Should Know About Frederick-Firestone Fire

  1. Your Money At Work

The Fire District is a Special Taxing District which means property owners within our boundaries fund our operations through property taxes.  We are committed to being competitive, responsive, transparent, and responsible with your hard-earned money and what you pay in taxes is reinvested directly in your community emergency services so you receive the direct benefit of your investment.

  1. Citizen Governance & Local Control

Because we are a special district we have an elected five member Board of Directors that serve as citizen governance and policy oversight. You have a direct say in our services and everything we do, we are here to serve you not the other way around.

  1. Low Emergency Response Times

Our service goal is to get lifesaving equipment and rescuers to you within 5.5 minutes of receiving notification from the Dispatch Center. Our current average response time is 4.28 minutes, far below the National average.

  1. Close Access to Fire Stations & Equipment

Fire/EMS stations are placed strategically in coordinated planning with our anchor communities so that everyone is within 5 miles of a station, not just a portion of our customers. Our Fire/EMS Stations have a service area of an average of 9 square miles. This allows for rapid access to life saving services everywhere in our service area and means we can bring all of our resources to larger emergencies in the time it takes others to get one station to the emergency.

  1. Fire-Based EMS System

The District provides Advanced Life Support ambulance transport services in addition to firefighting, rescue, and prevention services. This system allows for maximum flexibility and readiness with highly trained and compassionate cross-trained Paramedic and EMT Firefighters. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of life saving services; all community based, community controlled, and focused on you and your family.

  1. Trained & Compassionate Responders

Ours is a business of service to you and we stand ready to face the dangers that threaten our communities. Our emergency responders are a diversified and well-trained group of men and women motivated to intervene in any emergency. We are honored by the trust you give us and committed to go above and beyond the call of duty to help you in your greatest time of need. Our Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics are trained in; Structural Firefighting, Advanced Life Support, Trench & Collapse Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, Rope Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, Water & Ice Rescue, and many other functions and techniques.

7. Business Friendly Safety Inspections

The Fire District performs Annual Fire Safety Inspections for all businesses within the Towns of Frederick and Firestone. The District does its best to always do inspections when it is the least impactful for businesses. All businesses are notified ahead of the inspection with a checklist of items to be inspected so you can be informed, prepared and proactive.

  1. Community Preparedness & Outreach Events

We believe the safest community is a prepared community. Our commitment to this belief includes educational and outreach events throughout the year, which include; Community Safety Days, Preparedness Classes, CPR/AED Classes, School Fire Prevention Programs, Fire Extinguisher Training, and Car Seat Safety Inspections by our certified Technicians. We also sponsor community events such as the annual Santa Run, Fire/EMS station tours, and we participate in Town sponsored events, all of this for the purpose of enhancing your quality of life, reducing community risk and allowing us the opportunity to build relationships with you before, during and after emergencies.

  1. High Customer Ratings / Testimonials

We are very focused on customer service and desire feedback from you, after all if our services aren’t focused on you, who are we serving? The District randomly mails out comment cards to citizens and businesses receiving our services.  Our customers are asked to rate our performance on a scale of 1-10; one being the lowest satisfaction rating and ten being the highest.  In 2017, the District mailed-out 952 survey cards and received a rating of 8 or higher on 98% of the cards returned. 

  1. Our Core Values

Our core value is anchored in Service. Our defining values include: Duty, Honor, Compassion, Integrity, Stewardship, and Professionalism.