Be Alert: Receive the Call Before the Storm

With severe weather season here it is important to make sure you are prepared. One of the first steps in being prepared is signing up for severe weather warnings through CodeRED Weather Warning.
By visiting, residents can sign up for alerts through Weld County. Once signed up residents will receive alerts on severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes, which will be delivered via phone call, text, e-mail or a combination of all three, based on your specific preference.
Only residents in the direct path of severe weather will receive alerts after a warning is issued by the National Weather Service. Listen carefully to the message and take immediate action, if indicated, to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Also, download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app today to stay informed of community, emergency and severe weather alerts directly on your mobile device. The app is geo-aware, meaning that you will only receive alerts that impact your specific location.
Having an NOAA Weather Alert Radio is another way to make sure you receive local alerts. Also, it is critical to come up with an emergency plan with family and friends should you be separated during an event. By being prepared and using common safety sense, residents should be able to avoid a situation where serious injury or death could be the final outcome.