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Frederick-Firestone F.P.D. Welcomes New Battalion Chief, Promotes 2 to Lieutenant

On the evening of July 10, 2017, the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District welcomed a new Battalion Chief and promoted two District members to Lieutenant during a Promotional Ceremony at the Fire District’s Business & Education Center, 8426 Kosmerl Place in Frederick.

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FFFPD Promotes 3 Firefighters, 2 Assistant Chiefs

On the evening of June 8, 2017, five Firefighters and two Assistant Chiefs were recognized during the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District Promotional Ceremony.

The ceremony recognized EMT/Firefighter Adam Campbell, Paramedic/Firefighter Andrew Barsalou, Paramedic/Firefighter Evin Feit, EMT/Firefighter Jeffrey Kesler and EMT/Firefighter Patrick Martin on their new positions with the District.

Also during the ceremony, two District leaders were recognized on their promotions to new positions within the District. Division Chief Doug Prunk was recognized on his promotion to Assistant Chief of Operations, and Battalion Chief Steven Iacino was also recognized on his promotion to Assistant Chief of Planning.

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Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District Welcomes New Fire Chief Jeremy Young

On June 12, 2017, the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District will welcome Jeremy Young as the new Fire Chief of the District with a Swearing-In Ceremony at the Fire District’s Business & Education Center.

The search for a new Fire Chief began in December 2016, after the current Fire Chief, Theodore Poszywak, gave notice to the Board of Directors that he would be stepping down from his position once a successor was appointed. With several pivotal projects and objectives completed in his over 11 years as Fire Chief, and several new organizational projects identified, funded, and supported, Chief Poszywak stated there will not be a better time to open the next chapter of both the District’s and his future and he believed it is an opportune time to plan for a stable transition to the next Fire Chief.

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Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District Statement On The Governor’s Directive

The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District supports the Governor’s directive to oil and gas operators to thoroughly locate, inspect, and test all oil and gas lines within 1,000 of buildings within the state. We are encouraged by the swiftness and thoroughness in which the Governor and the COGCC have acted to take these initial and immediate steps to ensure there are no replicable similar circumstances present in ours or any other community.  The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District will continue to share our findings on origin and cause with state and federal regulatory and investigative agencies as we continue to assist the Firestone Police Department in the ongoing investigation. Our commitment is to continue to do our part to ensure this never befalls another family or community.

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Details on the Governor’s Directive


Firestone, Colo. – The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, through a joint effort with the Firestone Police Department and with the assistance of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, has completed their investigation into the origin and cause of the April 17, 2017, home explosion and subsequent fire at 6312 Twilight Avenue in Firestone.  The incident resulted in two fatalities and one person being critically injured.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District issued the following statement in connection with its investigation into the April 17 fire in Firestone, Colorado:

 Since the April 17 incident at 6312 Twilight Ave in Firestone the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District in conjunction with the Firestone Police Department, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and several other assisting agencies, have been working with a top priority of ensuring the surrounding homes and residents are safe.

“We know the anxiety, fear and great sadness this tragedy has caused the Martinez and Irwin families and our community, especially those living in close proximity to the scene. We have and continue to proactively take every precaution to ensure the safety of the residents in surrounding homes.  Due to the measures taken to date, we are confident that no hazards have gone beyond the investigation site,” said Fire Chief Theodore Poszywak.